We care about restoring your quality of life.


Provide expert quality care to individuals with swallowing and communication problems through the following:

  • Speech Therapy and Dietetics Home Therapy and Telehealth services
  • Speech Therapy and Dietetics Locum services to organisations
  • Training and education for healthcare professionals and caregivers
  • Speech Therapy Consultation and Training to institutions & corporate partners


We provide training for nurses, healthcare aides, therapy assistants, rehab and food services staff in aged care and ILTC services, as well as caregivers.

Topics include:

  • Dysphagia and Swallow Safety
  • IDDSI Framework for TextureModified Meals
  • Nutrition and Hydration in Therapeutic Diets
  • Supported Conversation for Adults with Aphasia
  • How to Communicate Better with Persons with Dementia


Experienced Clinicians - our team comprises speech-language therapists and dieticians who have extensive clinical experience across government and private hospitals, community clinics, rehabilitation centres, nursing homes, and home-based settings.

Passionate Patient Care - we believe that every life is precious, and everyone deserves to live life to their fullest potential. Our team is passionate about restoring quality of life and empowering patients with swallowing and communication difficulties.

Innovative, Evidence-based Approach - we deliver therapy that is backed by research but customised to the needs of the individual. Therapy should always be enjoyable and naturalistic so that the skills acquired can be transferred to daily living

Holistic Approach to Prevent Malnutrition - our dieticians and speech therapists work closely to provide safe, nutritious therapeutic diets for patients with dysphagia to alleviate caregiver stress.

We Listen and We Care - With our in-depth knowledge of the Singapore healthcare system, we are here to listen and understand the concerns of all our clients and families in order to empower and improve your lives.

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