Bring Back the Appetite for Life

GentleFoods® creates familiar, tasty, nutritious soft meals (pureed, minced, soft, and easy to chew) that stimulate the appetite with the way it looks, taste, and smells; thereby, bringing the joy of food back to people with swallowing difficulties. We strive to make life a little easier for the patients and the people who care for them.

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How to Prepare a GentleFoods Meal

Hear From Our Customers
It is extremely convenient and easy to prepare food with GentleFoods, as only steaming is required. The blended texture of the food is consistent and the taste is great, feels almost like regular food. Ever since we started the meals for my father, his coughing has become better.
Amirul, Caregiver
My helper feedback that GentleFoods meals are easy to prepare. I continued purchasing from GentleFoods because my mum enjoys the food. It is not easy to get my mum to have her meals regularly, but GentleFoods really helped improve my mum’s appetite. Personally, I trust GentleFoods when it comes to nutritious and delicious meals for people with swallowing difficulties.
Leena, Caregiver
Have bought a couple of GentleFoods bento sets for my elderly mum who can only take soft food. She is quite fussy about her food and often took a couple of mouthfuls of her meals before returning them unfinished. It was heart-warming to see her enjoying and completing the tasty pureed bento meal from GentleFoods.
Bobby, Caregiver
I am thankful for the individual food packaging by GentleFoods as it is easier to mix and match, and portion the food. My father usually can only consume half a pack, so the individual packaging makes it easier for my helper to cut the food in half. The concept behind GentleFoods is very helpful and puts less strain on my mother when it comes to making puree food.
Roy S., Caregiver

About GentleFoods®

The idea for GentleFoods® began a few years ago with a poignant question- ‘What happens if one day a person cannot eat?’ This question was lingering in the mind of founder, Yiru. The issue stems from Singapore and Asia’s ageing population and the increase in people with swallowing difficulties due to medical conditions. There are limited food options and many of them are resigned to porridge. Researching, searching and perfecting an answer saw the rest of the journey to bring GentleFoods® into reality.

GentleFoods® creates moulded puréed food that is familiar, safe, and nutritious that helps in stimulating the appetite with the way it looks, tastes and smells, bringing the joy of food back into the lives of people with swallowing difficulties. With continuous inputs from hospitals, clinicians, and our very own team of speech therapists, dieticians, and chefs to perfect the food that would be both nutritious and appetising. The nurturance, thoughtfulness, and committed culture at GentleFoods® aims to bring back the positive and joyous relationship with food.
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